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Health Coaching Services + Family Support

What is health coaching?

The average person faces many issues on their individual journey through life—stress, grief, chronic illness, weight management, relationship challenges and work/life balance just to name a few. When you compound those issues along with growing, nurturing, and birthing another human being, and caring for your family, it can feel overwhelming. Even planning and preparing your body, mind, and spirit for your journey into motherhood can seem daunting and you could use some guidance along the way.

When change arrives at our doorstep, we’re often left with a need to renew our commitment to our own health and wellness. A health coach exists to support you throughout the many transitions of life; helping you clarify your goals, remove obstacles and set a course toward true health and contentment. Together, we can cultivate a plan that allows you to fulfill your intentions, so you may live life more joyfully than ever before.

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3-Month Program

What sets Journey to Motherhood’s wellness sessions apart?

Your personalized Journey to Motherhood health coaching package is designed to assist you to make positive choices regarding lifestyle, movement, well-being, and nutrition. Together with Amy Flores, you will explore concerns specific to you and your health to design the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.

During the course of the program you will:

Set and accomplish health and lifestyle goals based on your Bio-individuality™

Learn ways to feel emotionally and physically better as your body changes

Increase your energy levels and deconstruct unhealthy cravings

Discover how lifestyle affects you, your pregnancy, your baby and your family

Understand how your body is getting ready for labor, birth and postpartum

Appreciate all things that nourish you—your Primary Food™

Discover the confidence to create the life you want for you, your baby, and your family

What’s included in my health coaching package?:

Two face-to-face fifty-minute sessions per month focused on your health goals

One Skype or phone “pulse check” consultation per month

Unlimited email and text support between sessions

Coaching and support to empower you to make the lifestyle changes you want

Individualized support materials to increase your wellness knowledge

Food samples, healthy (and simple) recipes, self-care products

Access to free group exercise in San Antonio

My personal commitment to your health and success