Postpartum Doula

In-Home Postpartum Support

At Journey to Motherhood, our postpartum doulas are passionate about providing non-judgmental, practical and emotional support for families.

We believe that it is equally important and valuable for a new mother to have guidance and information regarding feeding, diapering, and bathing as well as a friendly shoulder to lean on when she feels overwhelmed.

In our busy, fast-paced lives many new mothers find they miss not only the hands-on help of the past, but also the informed perspective of a friend or relative who has been there.

By mothering the mother and nurturing the new family as a whole, our postpartum doulas work to create a sense of calm and to ease the transition into parenthood. Our goal at Journey to Motherhood is to facilitate bonding and build a lasting sense of confidence within the new family.

What does Postpartum Support look like?

The tasks the postpartum doula provides will depend on your individual needs that day. There may be days where you need your postpartum doula to listen and spend time in conversation, while other days the focus will be on baby care and/or light cleaning and meal preparation. At night, we provide assistance in caring for baby (and you) while you rest. These are just a few ways Journey to Motherhood postpartum doulas support the family:

Personal Support

Help with self-care recovery
Assistance with breastfeeding
Postpartum comfort measures
Parenting information and resources
Emotional support

Additional Support

Overnight assistance
Infant care (including bathing, feeding, safety concerns, and swaddling)
Preparation of simple, nutritious meals and snacks
Running errands for and/or with you
Light housecleaning

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During our initial consultation, you will meet two doulas – your birth team. This no obligation, no cost visit is a great time to find out if we are the doulas for you and determine what type of support you need!


Naomi Thomas was our (postpartum) doula for 8 weeks. She was amazing. She taught me how to nurse, bathe, and care for my newborn. She helped with preparing dinner and some chores around the house. She answered every question I had. If she didn’t know an exact answer, she would research and answer the next day. I would recommend Journey to Motherhood to all my friends who plan to have children.

– Lizzie A., First Time Mom