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Our Services

Labor Support


Whether you’re planning a birth at home, birth center, or hospital, we provide non-judgmental physical & emotional support throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum.

Postpartum Support


We provide support and guidance, in your home, on everything from self-care & recovery for the new parent, to diapering and feeding your baby. And sometimes, a friendly shoulder to lean on.

Placenta Encapsulation


When you have your placenta encapsulated by Journey to Motherhood, you can be assured of our professional standards of practice, as well as our true appreciation of the process.
(We can talk you through the “ick” factor.)

Is your OB or Midwife the best fit for you?

When you schedule your doula support consultation with us, we’ll provide you with a checklist to help you uncover your provider’s core beliefs as they pertain to labor & delivery. Use our list to help determine if your provider fits with your goals.

Natural Childbirth Class New Braunfels San Antonio

Prepare to birth naturally!

This four part series in May is designed to prepare you for a low-to-no intervention labor & birth experience, regardless of where you plan to birth!


Amy has changed the health and well being of my entire family. From emotional and spiritual relationship, to a better diet, she is a wealth of information and provides it in a loving, non-judgemental way. She’s become more than my nutritionist, she’s now a dear friend. Our family will be forever grateful to Journey to Motherhood and the many services we’ve benefited from. In fact, we’ve hired Amy as our doula for the upcoming birth of our second child!

– Vanessa H., Health Coaching Client


This being my 6th pregnancy, I found that I still strongly wanted labor support for when it came time to deliver. One big reason I wanted a doula by my side is I was planning to VBAC after having delivered twins by cesarean 3 years before. When the big day finally arrived, I am so glad to have had Amanda by my side. She met me at the hospital and was a wonderful source of both hands on and emotional support. And I got my VBAC! Amanda not only provided me with amazing support in birth, but she also encapsulated my placenta delivering my capsules a day later.

– D. S., VBAC Client


Naomi Thomas was our (postpartum) doula for 8 weeks. She was amazing. She taught me how to nurse, bathe, and care for my newborn. She helped with preparing dinner and some chores around the house. She answered every question I had. If she didn’t know an exact answer, she would research and answer the next day. I would recommend Journey to Motherhood to all my friends who plan to have children.

– Lizzie A., First Time Mom


Not only was I able to get capsules in different flavors, I was able to get a tincture! Dalia was very helpful with any and all questions or concerns I had. Well worth it!!

– Angel, San Antonio Mom

More Services

Childbirth Education


Journey to Motherhood offers group and private in-home childbirth classes in and around the San Antonio area. Your Birth Experience™ helps you experience the physiological process of “normal birth”, while also offering non-biased information about every intervention you might encounter in your birth setting.

Bengkung Belly Binding


Our Bengkung style Belly Binding service is a great way to support your postpartum healing. Using a custom wrap, the binding supports your body from the top of your abdomen down and over the hips. This assists your bone alignment in returning to pre-pregnancy position, and supports healing of diastis recti, the separation of abdominal muscles that can occur in pregnancy.

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